We help the public and social sector provide high-quality employment promotion interventions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the effectiveness of the public and social sector in facilitating people’s successful integration into the labour market, especially for disadvantaged groups such as youth, women and refugees.


Kevin Hempel is the Founder and Managing Director of Prospera Consulting. He brings over 15 years of experience in international development with a focus on labor market integration of vulnerable groups. His passion for employment promotion and youth development was born when living and working in Latin America after graduating from business school. Prior to being an independent consultant and founding Prospera Consulting, Kevin worked for the World Bank in Washington DC. Kevin holds a M.A. in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and a Bachelor degree in International Business from the European School of Business (ESB) Reutlingen and Reims Management School. When not working, Kevin tries to keep up with his two sons.
“Our vision is to foster shared prosperity and social inclusion across the globe through more, better, and more inclusive employment opportunities.”

Track Record

Broad Experience

We have worked on over 50 assignments and in more than 15 countries

Global Reach

Our experience spans Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America

Trusted Partner

Our clients include leading development partners and NGOs, such as the World Bank, the EC, ILO, and GIZ


Our work is guided by five key principles that we believe are essential to achieve impact.

Evidence-based: We focus on proper diagnostics to make sure your interventions are built on sound problem analysis. Moreover, we continuously monitor emerging global evidence and best practices of labour market programs to inform new initiatives.

Holistic and interdisciplinary: Adopting a comprehensive approach to employment promotion, our work cuts across labor market policies, social protection, education, and other policy areas. Moreover, we combine concepts and evidence from economics, psychology, human development, and business management.

Practical, hands-on solutions: We offer pragmatic advice for hands-on solutions feasible in the local context, given capacity and other constraints.

Science of delivery: To promote quality implementation of programs, we pay a lot of attention to building strong delivery systems adapted to the local context that provide a positive end-beneficiary experience (human-centered design).

Data-driven learning: We prioritize strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems (incl. robust impact assessments) that provide the quantitative and qualitative data needed to inform decision-making and iterative improvements.

Our Values

The following core values guide our relationships with clients, partners and team members.

High quality standards. We challenge ourselves to meet the highest standards in advising public and social sector organizations, so they can provide disadvantaged people with the quality services they deserve.
Critical thinking and sincerity. We are intellectually curious, and try to identify the root causes of social problems. We are sincere about our analysis and provide our honest opinion, even if unpopular. We challenge the status-quo and try to find new ideas and unconventional solutions to maximize impact.
Partnership. We value long-standing collaborations with our clients and partners. We believe that we can be more effective when we build and implement new solutions together, challenging each other in an environment of trusted dialogue and exchange.
Humility. We recognize the complexities of our field of work, and know that there are no silver bullets. That’s why we take time to listen and understand the local context. Moreover, we are always trying to learn from others and seek to constantly improve our services.

Prospera Consulting
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