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Compendium of Tools for Labour Market Assessment


Practitioners often struggle with adopting the right type of diagnostic tools to inform labour market and related interventions. To address this challenge, this compendium seeks to provide a “compass” or “roadmap” to navigate the range of available methods. Besides providing an overview of available options, the document also seeks to support decision-making and help identify the type of assessment most suitable for a given context. In addition, the compendium provides basic information on the key steps, level of effort and skills required to operationalize different types of assessment. The types of assessments covered in the compendium include:


  • Integrated employment diagnostics
  • Sector or value chain selection process
  • Sector or value chain analysis
  • Skills needs analysis
  • Local market opportunity assessment
  • Target group assessment
  • Assessment of working conditions
  • Participatory labour market assessment
  • Enterprise survey
  • Tracer survey
  • Job vacancy analysis

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