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Project Portfolio

Our portfolio spans assignments on diagnostics, project design, implementation support, monitoring and evaluation, as well as knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Employment and labour market analysis


In cooperation with ICON-Institute, we contributed to a national employment and labour market diagnostic study that aimed at informing German-Moroccoan bilateral cooperation and GIZ’s portfolio development. The analysis took a holistic approach, covering various dimensions of the labour market, including existing barriers and opportunities for job creation, better jobs, and more inclusive employment. Specifically, our analysis covered the following aspects:

  • Framework conditions (e.g., macroeconomic stability, demographics, migration)
  • Labour market demand (e.g., structural change, investment climate, job growth by sector, export dynamics)
  • Labour market supply (e.g., general education system, higher education, adult education and training)
  • Labour market matching (e.g., active labour market policies)
  • Focus topic: Labour market integration of women



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