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Project Portfolio

Our portfolio spans assignments on diagnostics, project design, implementation support, monitoring and evaluation, as well as knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Impact evaluations of employment and migration projects

West Africa

Provided strategic advice to the European Commission’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa Sahel and Lake Chad window to identify suitable employment promotion projects for counterfactual impact evaluation. 
  • Conducted desk research, including a synthesis note on the use of counterfactual impact evaluation, summary note on a proposed learning agenda for the EUTF, and existing evidence on selected employment promotion instruments and the link between employment and migration
  • Carried out portfolio analysis of EUTF projects in order to pre-identify a list of potential projects for impact evaluation
  • Set up a participatory process engaging implementing agencies and EU delegations in proposing projects for impact evaluation, and conceptualized a workshop bringing together EUTF projects with evaluation experts to identify potential evaluation designs
  • Provided strategic advice on potential contracting arrangements for carrying out impact evaluations, including the development of Terms of Reference for an interagency coordination committee and for a research organizations to carry out the evaluations

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